Cashback Bonus Work

By | August 13, 2021

It depends on the casino, because as usual it is the rules of some casinos that apply. They naturally determine how it should work at their casino. However, you will usually get cashback on money you have lost. How is this calculated? Yes, it can also vary, but in most cases it is money you have deposited, played and lost, which is considered cashback. Some casinos will take into account bonuses you have received and most will take into account winnings you have taken out.

In a practical example, it can work like this: You deposit, you play and lose it all. If we calculate a 10% bonus of this then we get in bonus. If, on the other hand, you deposited NOK 2,000 and won NOK 4,000 and took them out, you would not receive a cashback bonus. This time it was you who went out of the trade with a profit. Ergo, from the casino’s point of view, it was you who should pay cashback to them. The downside is of course that to get money back you must have spent money. The bigger the cashback, the more you have played for. One thing you should be aware of and that is that the casino always has the advantage. It’s just like that, it would never have been a business if it were not for that.

Another downside, if you look at it this way, is that at some casinos the cashback bonus will be subject to wagering requirements and maybe even other bonus conditions. This is extremely important to be aware of, otherwise you may be unnecessarily disappointed. However, if you understand the rules that cashback is subject to then it is a great way to get back, which in our opinion surpasses both free spins and other types of deposit bonuses. You should of course check the percentage given. This will in most cases be advertised with bold types so it is mostly okay to find this information.

You should check over which period the cashback is calculated and out. This will preferably be periods such as a week, but it can also be over 24 hours or a month. In general, any period that the casino finds convenient. When it comes to the period over which the cashback is calculated, it is important to note this because it can mean that what feels like a day for you is divided over two periods for the casino’s cashback. The criteria on which the cashback calculation is based are also important. If the bonus is included in the calculation, there is a maximum limit for how much cashback is paid out.

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