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By | August 13, 2021

Game shows are often traditional games that have been developed a bit and that have also been given an aspect of TV shows. You probably know such examples from TV shows like The Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and Do you want to become a millionaire? With the difference that you do not have to be particularly knowledgeable in one or more areas and you do not have to act on TV. In these editions of game shows you can sit at home in your baby to play and let yourself be entertained. Because that’s exactly what a game show is. There is entertainment with the opportunity to win. We have a host who is responsible for one part of the entertainment and the game that is responsible for the other. So this is something you should have ready for you. In game show games, you will want a host who is happy to chat about a bit of everything while the game is running. If this becomes too much for you or you do not appreciate that kind, then you always have the more traditional casino games to fall back on, or of course our much-loved mobile slots .

Crazy Time is complex two it is full of surprises. It’s like an adventure in games, a mix of Wizzard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. The start is a bit like Dream Catcher because you start with the wheel of fortune where you can get random multipliers. But here are also different bonus games. These are Cash Hunt for you to “shoot down” moving targets. Coin Flip where a coin is tossed and you bet on the outcome. Pachinko which is like a kind of pinball game in electronic version and finally Crazy Time which is the really big bonus game and where you are taken with a wild world where anything can happen and where you can win a multiplier of 20,000 times.

Is nothing less than the good old classic that most people have played with family and friends. This is the game that aroused the dream of becoming a millionaire for many and in this virtual edition from Evolution Gaming you can become one in real currency and not monopoly money. The game obviously has a slightly different structure, and once again it is the wheel of fortune that has been used and in a way replaces the game plan. Monopoly Live also has a bonus game, it’s called 3D Monopoly and we’ll go hiking in a 3D world. The walk is determined by dice and you will come across a number of familiar elements from the board game, such as Start, Chance, Prison and Income Tax.

Lightning Roulette has taken the traditional roulette table and taken it up a notch. It is visually beautiful, with both sound and lightning effects and the voltage is electric. In each round of the game, between one and five lucky numbers will appear and these will give payouts that are multiplied by between 50 and 500. After all bets have been placed, the lucky numbers and lucky payouts will be generated and if the ball lands on one of the lucky numbers and a player has bet on this then the win will be multiplied.

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