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By | March 30, 2021

In addition to the two specifications just mentioned with the license and technical encryption, no negative entries can be found on the network. We assume that we even included an internet casino in our online games comparison for the title of best online casino. Regardless of this, we hope in our online casino tests that internet casinos and online gambling providers will also try to serve all types of players when it comes to wallets. In the case of digital machines, we expect that many different game manufacturers will be rented out and all tastes will be served.

With live casino we currently assume that a provider works with one of the major gambling providers who also offer the currently popular gaming programs. In case of problems, you will be happy if you have chosen an internet casino from the online casino comparison that also deserves the title of best online casino in terms of customer service. Because on the one hand you don’t want to have to wait too long, and on the other hand you want to be served in your mother tongue. Therefore, we rate the availability of customer service offerings as an important service.

Although the ideal is that it is never needed. And the fact that we extensively test payment options has an important background. Because let’s be completely honest: anyone who chooses an internet casino from the online casino comparison does so because they want to win there. And since each player prefers a different payment option, testing the payment criteria is an important element. The more extensive and free they are, the better. The sooner a provider receives the title of best online casino game. Bonus offers at online casino bonus offers at a good online casino are the alpha and omega of each provider.

It’s not just about the welcome casino bonuses and free spins you receive with a sign-up or first deposit, but also the regular bonus promotions. This includes not only casino deposit bonuses and bonus credits, but also free spins promotions and tournaments you can participate in. In this category we go into detail about how these offers are designed. However, with the welcome casino bonus we also show how the bonus compares to other providers and what players should consider here. How long do i have to be able to implement the bonus and how often does the bonus have to be implemented.

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