Missed Hands in Blackjack

By | May 27, 2021

Blackjack can be a rather complex game. Most hands that are played are fairly easy to see right away whether to stop, split, take a card or maybe double. But there are especially some hands that can be difficult to see what is the best thing to do. Here I take up five of the most misplayed hands in Blackjack that a lot of players make mistakes. I should also add that some of these hands apply primarily to the American variant of Blackjack where the dealer peeks at his hole card. The fifth most misplayed hand in Blackjack is when the dealer has a 9a and the player has a pair of nines. When you have a hand without Ace that has a value of 18, you usually stop. But the fact that the dealer has a nine, and that he has the opportunity to draw to a hand that is better than your 18, means that your hand is not as strong as it might seem. This hand is far from the best in Blackjack and if you choose to stay, the mathematical calculation says that you win 8 hands out of 20. But since you have pairs of nines, you can choose to split these instead. After a split, you now have two hands with 9 in each. Your chances of winning now increase to about 9.5 out of 20 hands. It may not seem like much but it does make a big difference in the long run.

The dealer has a 3a and the player has 12. If your hand has a value of 12 and does not contain a pair or an Ace, many players are afraid to crack and choose to stay here. Many believe that the divider’s 3a means that there is a fairly large chance that this will become thick by ending up at 22 or more. But if we think like this; In order for you to crack by drawing a card, there are 15 cards in the deck that have a value of ten and make you thick. There are also 34 cards that will prevent you from doing so. On the other hand, the divider’s third is not as bad as you might think. There are a lot of variations of cards that give the dealer a legitimate hand between 17 and 21. In this mode, it is always better to draw a card instead of stopping and you will benefit from it in the long run.

The divider has 10 and the player has 16(not pairs of eights). Having 16 against a dealer’s ten is probably the worst hand you can have in Blackjack. Here you should always ‘give up’ if the game allows it. The reason is that when you give up, you lose 50% of your bet. If you instead choose to play the hand, you statistically lose a little more than 50%. Of course it is better to lose 50 than to lose more than 50, so always take a ‘surrender’ if allowed. There are now not many Blackjack games that allow surrender anymore, and then it is better to draw a card. The risk of cracking is of course great, but your chances are slightly better than if you stay. However, there is a situation that can arise. And that is when your hand consists of three small cards and has the value 16. That is, when your hand has no ten.

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