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By | August 24, 2021

The market is already bursting with existing casinos, but new ones are still popping up. While some casino entrepreneurs will certainly start to have tight spots soon, the development is not bad at all from the player’s perspective. The more competition, the better casinos will have to serve their customers. Without competition from new casinos, the online casino industry would develop much more slowly. The new casinos have brought with them a lot of interesting elements – for example, social gaming. The new casinos are in a much better situation during the construction phase of the site than, say, the casinos that started ten years ago. Today, for example, casinos can be made from the beginning on the terms of mobile device usability, where older casinos have had to move forward in mobile glasses stern ahead of the tree.

Many players are interested in new casinos due to welcome bonuses. It is true that many casinos give their best bonuses on their first deposit. The exception to this is mainly free-to-register Pay N ‘Play casinos, the relative number of which is growing all the time. However, after a long trend of no bonuses, it can be seen that registration-free casinos have also begun to loosen their attitudes towards bonuses and free spins. Today, more and more Deposit and Play casinos are also giving benefits to new players – and at best completely without any recycling requirements. For example, free spins free of charge when not contributing to slowing down the biggest advantage of casinos, i.e. the speed of withdrawals.

In the online gaming world, the competition is fierce and bonuses are one way to stand out from the crowd. For this reason, almost all online casinos offer their players bonus benefits in one form or another. Sometimes, though, the terms are a bit confusing, so we’ll go through some of the most common bonus types below. Many casinos give new customers a fee for just registering even before making a deposit. Usually, the benefit comes in free spins, which at best can get up to hundreds. Bonuses received without a deposit have the disadvantage of high wagering conditions, and sometimes the winnings from them are only paid out, for example, up to a hundred euros. The advantage, of course, is that the bonus is completely free.

Welcome bonuses are benefits that casinos attract new customers. Often, welcome bonuses can also be redeemed for multiple consecutive deposits. The most common welcome benefit is a 100% bonus up to € 100, meaning the amount deposited will be found in the account in duplicate. At best, the size of the welcome bonus can reach 300 percent and even 1,000 euros. In this case, however, you should read the bonus terms very carefully. In many cases, giant bonuses are associated with a lot of small-print rules, such as excessive redemption conditions. Free spins are awarded in the form of deposit bonuses, loyalty benefits, and raffle and tournament winnings. Usually, free spins are given to a specific game or group of games. For free spins, recycling requirements vary widely. Sometimes winnings from free spins have to be recycled up to 50 times before withdrawal, sometimes they get completely free of recycling. If you do not tolerate bonus redemption, take this into account when choosing a new casino.

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