By | June 12, 2021

Online casinos offer many opportunities to achieve high winnings with relatively small stakes. The selection ranges from table games and card games to roulette and slot machine games from well-known manufacturers. In order to enjoy the online games, there are several ways to play in casinos without downloading . For example, browser-based online games can not only be played in online casinos. It is also possible to use the games in an online arcade via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. With mobile casinos is mobile version of the corresponding online casinos without downloading , in which one has already been registered. In addition, a few casinos also offer the download of their own software that can also be played with. However, it is now common practice that customers prefer to play in the browser and without downloading . Such casinos are also called instant play casinos . We will explain exactly what the advantages and disadvantages are in the next sections.


In contrast to casino software, no download casinos offer a few advantages. On the one hand, no storage space is used on the computer that could be used for other things. In addition, you can start playing in the online casino directly without long waiting times without downloading. Playing on a tablet or smartphone is also possible without any problems. It should also be said that gaming via the browser of a mobile device in no way detracts from the quality of the games. Thanks to the Flash support, it does not matter whether it is a Mac or a Windows device. In addition, all common operating systems of mobile devices are now supported, so that you don’t have to worry about this point.


The only disadvantage of all online casinos without download , which means that they do not offer software, is the fact that an intact internet connection must always be available. Without this, it is not possible to use the casino games without downloading them via the browser. The second disadvantage does not affect every casino. These are those casinos that offer mobile gaming in the casino without a download , but only make a small selection of their casino games available here. As you can see, the advantages outweigh the advantages in this topic, while the disadvantages of online casinos without a download are rather minor and some of them are not really disadvantages.

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