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By | April 6, 2021

There are many who believe that there are online casinos in the scam . This is true as there are many experts on the internet who will try to steal your information or just take advantage of you in some way. Surely the days when the internet ensured the anonymity of users have passed irrevocably. Day by day, laws are being passed around the internet worldwide, making it more and more secure. So surely there are online casinos scams but it is not right to think that everything is a scam. There are several notable and 100% legal online casinos operating in our country.

According to the current laws of our country, online casinos in order to operate legally need to be granted a specific license. In order to obtain it, of course, they need to pass several tests until they prove their solvency and reliability. The online casinos that you will find on our website meet all the criteria of legality and reliability. The truth is that if you play in legal casinos it is certain that there is no illegality in gambling. Casinos, whether electronic or land-based, make legal profits to cover their operating expenses but also to have a significant legal profit from the rake.

The rake is the legal percentage that has been established to earn a small percentage of the total money played. Of course, casinos may not steal from you right away, but they have devised indirect ways to “steal your time”. Below we will analyze the “tricks” used by land-based casinos in order to make you more prone. The smartest tricks how to lose track of time: surely at some point in your life you have found yourself in a legitimate land-based casino. Have you noticed that casinos have neither windows nor clocks on the walls.

If you have been wondering why, it is because they prefer not to know how long you are in the casino. It is quite logical that if you do not look outside you can not understand when it is night or when it is dawn. This way you spend more time in the casinos, so the chance to bet more. The trick with colorful rugs: i do not know if you have thought about it but it is true that in some casinos, rugs do not have a unique reason for the elegance of the space. Many casinos, and especially foreign ones, use carpets with strange shapes, and often the same colors as the brands.

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