By | June 12, 2021

There is probably no better-known and more widespread casino – card game than blackjack . Blackjack is popular all over the world , which is probably due not least to the fact that the house advantage is very small here and with some techniques, the player can even gain an advantage. Nowadays, table games are no longer only played in classic casinos. Online blackjack is the name of the new trend and there is almost no online casino that does not allow users to play all possible variants of blackjack . Of course, real money can be wagered here to generate real winnings but you can also play blackjack for free just for fun . In the following article you will find out everything you need to know about the famous game with the 21.

The creation of today’s classic actually goes back to the sixteenth century. Blackjack was first mentioned by , author of the famous book Don Quixote. Cervantes was known to be a gambler and described in Novelas Ejemplares of 1601 a card game in which the player should reach twenty-one points without being above it. The ace is worth one or eleven points, as required, and the game was played with a Spanish deck of cards. At that time it was not called blackjack , but every connoisseur should know that there was nothing else to be said.

Since there are so many different variants of the top online casinos game, there are also different rules. But no matter whether you play blackjack in the casino or online , it always works roughly on the same principle. For the sake of simplicity, we limit ourselves to the classic variant. Before the start of each round, players place a bet. This is done by placing a chip in the box that is provided for each player. Now two cards are dealt clockwise for each box. This is usually done face up so that the cards can be seen by everyone. In so-called hole card games the dealer gets his second card face down and can see what he has. If his hand with the second card results in twenty-one points, it is revealed, otherwise it remains hidden until the end. In Europe, however, the game is usually played without a hole card and the dealer receives his second card at the very end of the round. After a player has two cards, he can now choose between four different actions.

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