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By | August 6, 2021

In the growing market for electronic wallets, Funds are in the process of establishing a place. An electronic wallet is an online site where you can register an account and link it to your payment card or bank account and deposit money into it. This way, you can transfer money to online casino stores, casinos and between private zones without having to provide your payment information to more third parties than the company where you have an electronic wallet. This provides a great sense of security. In addition, transfers are much faster than with regular bank transfers. There are usually no fees associated with payment from and withdraw all to your electronic wallet, but there may be fees associated with transferring money to your bank account from Funds. This means that players such as Funds are usually used by those who move a lot of money online, for example by withdrawing casino winnings and using these directly on online shopping afterwards.

There are very many who see great benefits in using electronic wallets such as Funds. One of the biggest of these benefits is that there is no waiting time for the transfer to the online casino or to other individuals who also use Funds. Compared to bank transfers, which often take several working days to complete, this is a very efficient payment method that is increasing in popularity. In addition to this, there is a very important security aspect to using these wallets. You do not need to enter your payment information with third parties other than Funds itself. This means that the online shops and online casinos you use will not have access to this information, and the risk of online attacks will be significantly less. Your privacy can also be taken care of in a good way by using Funds. You will also be able to use the money you win at the casino to buy goods for yourself online and pay with Funds. This allows you to shop without involving your bank in any way. This type of action is somewhat more anonymous than the use of bank transfers or payment cards and is thus another strong argument if you think it is important to maintain a strong privacy when using money online. In short, the benefits are these.

Welcome bonuses are, as the name suggests, an online casino’s way of welcoming you. When we review an online casino, we want the welcome bonus to suit as many people as possible. This makes information such as the size of the deposit, potential maximum bonus, multiplier and turnover requirements decisive for how we assess the quality. If the online casino adds free spins on top of the traditional deposit bonus, the probability of a good review with us is high.

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