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By | May 27, 2021

Decorate your home atmospherically with casino decorations and show you and your guests the colorful, glittering world of Las Vegas. Table and room decorations should, of course, have motifs such as playing cards and dice or imitate the bright neon attractions of the crazy desert city with their hotels. First of all, grab the plates, cutlery and napkins in the casino design and place them all on the board. Casino-style napkins are usually 33 x 33 cm when unfolded. Roulette tables and drinking cups in the style of play are details that create a real casino feeling. Such casino cups usually have the card symbols hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds printed on the lower edge. A large decorative film that transforms entire walls into a casino world is much more spacious and thus more atmospheric. All in all, you can conjure up a real casino paradise from your own living room with such decorative elements.

Poker playing cards, poker chips and poker accessories are easy to arrange. Of course, the right casino production only comes with a real poker table or at least the right edition. Many different versions are available in stores, from poker tablecloths to original casino tables or poker tables with LEDs. Depending on how deep you want to dig in your pocket, you can buy the corresponding noble game table including necessary game accessories such as tokens. Cup holders are usually integrated as standard. For optimal interactivity, these gaming tables are designed as high tables, but can also be mounted at seat height if you wish, so that you can actually host your own poker tournaments on them. Don’t worry: you don’t have to be a croissant to bring a game table into your home. In addition to the unusual luxury versions, there are also relatively simple and inexpensive tables on the market. In some cases, these can even be folded up – especially handy if you have less free space.

A very practical alternative to gaming tables are poker tablecloths or table cushions. Unlike a real poker table, which only needs its suitable space, you can easily place such a table mat for poker in the corner or take it out. Whenever you feel like a casino tap – or when you have a poker night with friends – you can place these table cushions on a dining room or kitchen table. The game can begin! The casino tablecloths in the shops are partly quite generously dimensioned (260 x 137 cm). When it comes to design, there are of course diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts in the respective colors black or red, which creates a suitable atmosphere for games and bluffing.

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