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By | August 4, 2021

The online poker is an industry that moves so much money only in Casino. But if you think that organizing an online poker room is child’s play, and that you just need to create (or rely on) a software with a Randon Number Generator, and then start making money, well you are wrong. In order to open an online poker room in Italy it is necessary to have numerous requirements and to follow a very strict procedure, which also provides for continuous checks on the operation and effective security of the gaming software. It is a real organizational machine that must touch many points, many of which may not be immediately clear to anyone who wants to open an online poker site in our country.

Let’s try to shed some light on the subject, analyzing – without going into too much technical details so as not to get bored – what are the steps to follow for anyone who wants to create an online poker site in Italy. Get ready because you may find concepts you haven’t thought about yet. The first step in setting up an online poker room is to acquire a gaming license . In Casino, in fact, all gambling operators must have a license issued by the Customs and Monopoly Agency , which was once called the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies .

The Agency sets a price of 350,000 euros for a provisional three-year license that can possibly be renewed. But that’s not all, because a bank guarantee is also required for a value of no less than 1.5 million euros. Therefore it is not within everyone’s reach to open online poker rooms in Italy . Also because the costs certainly do not end here – as we will see shortly – since those we have talked about so far are only the entrance costs . You have not yet distributed your first virtual hand that at least you will have already spent almost 2 million euros. Not exactly a cheap business, in short.

Of course, it is not possible to set up an online poker room without the game software . Some virtual poker rooms, such as PokerStars , have in-house software, ie developed by the same company that owns the poker room. Other virtual poker rooms instead prefer to rely on external software houses (such as PlayTech , one of the most famous in the world), customizing their skin according to needs.
Of course, if one online poker room shares the same software as another, some key features will remain the same and it will therefore be more difficult to stand out .

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