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There are many views on when and how the game was born, but according to the most common theories, roulette was born in casino in the 17th and 18th centuries. The mathematician Blaise Pascal is offered as the inventor of the game in many different sources. Indeed, he published a study called History of roulette’ which relates to the cycloid curve. The cycloid reflects the rotation of the wheel on a flat surface. Although this word “Roulette” is associated with the study of the cycloid curve, it is not a roulette related to casino gaming. Even if Pascal had not invented roulette in the light of this information, he and Pierre Fermat developed probability calculus as a mathematical phenomenon as we know it today. In roulette, probability calculus plays a big role.

Instead, Blanc’s brothers can be considered the inventors of modern roulette at the latest. In 1841, among other things, these Germans removed another zero from roulette and put a certain number of numbers in a certain order on the roulette wheel. The first new type of roulette was harnessed at the Bad Homburg Casino and soon became the most popular version. This was the beginning of the great popularity of roulette and the winning streak that has continued to this day.

When one of the brothers died, one of them moved to Monaco and established a casino there. And not just any casino, but a prince’s private casino. Blanc began to develop Monte Carlo, among other things through casinos and especially roulette, from the kind of general form oasis we currently know it from. Casinos were a symbol of a certain kind of public life and aristocracy and we can still see these traditions to this day. Roulette was invented in , so every roulette could very well be called roulette. However, over the years, roulette has begun to be called a particular roulette that is particularly popular in Central and Southern Europe. Roulette is a little different compared to American and European roulette and we will tell you what the differences are.

First of all, roulette differs in that the game is hosted by 3 people. Everyone has their own job description in receiving bets, using the bike, and placing chips. In roulette, players do not place their bets on the table themselves, but tell the game hosts orally what they want to bet. After this, the game hosts use rake-like widgets to put the player’s bet in the right place. Also noteworthy in French roulette is that no chips are used in the game, but real money is stacked on the table. Roulette is also subject to the En Prison and La partage rules, which are explained in more detail below. Roulette arrived in the in the early 19th century, but never beat through the audience as a number one favorite in the same way as Blackjack and Craps, for example. The term ‘American roulette’ is misleading in that it is only an older version of European roulette in which another zero was still involved. Roulette clearly didn’t bring big enough wins in the US fast enough for casino bosses to be happy. Because of this, a third zero was added to this roulette, which clearly reduced the popularity of roulette behind the ocean.

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