Starburst Slot Machine

By | June 23, 2021

When it comes to classic and popular online slot machines , no review would be complete without mentioning starburst. This is the industry’s most popular game, netent, and there are sources that call it the world’s most popular online slot machine. Undoubtedly, it also has a wide circle of admirers. We also see starburst in special casino offers for new customers. Let’s find out what made it so popular from the design and atmosphere to the special wild symbols, bets and winnings. The starburst online slot machine was launched back in 2012.

Although it seems a long time ago, its simple and gorgeous design still continues to delight the eyes. The game is quite classic 5 reels and 3 lines, a total of 10 fixed payout lines. Starburst does not have any standalone spins or free spins feature. So what attracts gamblers around the world? The game starburst takes us on an intergalactic journey, where we meet gems of different colors, arranged on a velvety, dark purple background. The lowest costs are for the following stone colors purple, blue, red, green, yellow. You can get higher amounts for sevens and bar symbols. For 5 bar you can get up to 25,000.

However, the most anticipated symbol is wild, which we will talk about separately. The game recalls the classic arcade type games that were so popular in the 80’s and 90’s. The soundtrack is quite monotonous and at the same time intriguing, and resembles a motif from a film of the sci-fi genre. It is interesting that in case of winning you will hear such as laser projectiles. We also like that the right and left sides of the game show all 10 winning lines. Although there are no special additional games in the game, it still seems quite dynamic. It also has its merits for the short spin time and great graphics in the event of a win.

And this happens quite often in this game, because the volatility of the slot machine is low. If you are attracted by the visual design of the game, then we could call it a relaxing way to indulge in the passion of the game. You can try the starburst demo version here on the netent page. At first glance, starburst seems to be ordinary, even too ordinary. There are no bonus games on a separate screen, no scatter symbols or multiplication. However, there are a couple of surprises behind the sleeve. It is customary for almost all slot machines to count their winnings from left to right. With starburst, it’s different here you win both from left to right and from right to left. It’s supposed to be a trifle, but it significantly changes the game experience. It becomes exciting to follow the reels of the slot machine and your chances of winning will, of course, increase. Wild is starburst’s main symbol. Every gambler is waiting for the colored eight ray star to fall, as it replaces all other symbols. But that’s not all, as any wild symbol expands throughout the reel, greatly increasing your chances of winning.

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