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By | December 31, 2018

Is Blackjack your Perfect Pair? Is Roulette right up your alley? Perhaps Vegas Craps is the game that gets you on a roll, not to mention Poker Pursuit or Baccarat. We’ve got all the casino table classics for you to enjoy during your stay at Vegas Slot, plus a few others to expand your gaming repertoire.


Blackjack has been played for over 300 years; now you can now take your pick from more than 40 online variations of a legendary game that never gives up the pursuit of 21. Simple to play in its original form, Vegas Slot Casino’s Blackjack becomes ever more exciting with new twists on this classic casino card game. Play now and you’ll discover plenty of surprises to spice up your card play.


Receive two cards from the dealer and try to beat his total – just don’t go higher than 21 or you’ll go bust! Hit the magic 21 with your first two cards to make Blackjack and you’re on to a winner. Players enjoy the option of splitting two matching cards or doubling their bet according to the rules of each version – all while the dealer must stand on 17 or better. Master the original then test yourself against all the alternatives featuring money-spinning side bets, bonuses and rule variations. Be sure to check the rules and you’ll soon be joining the ranks of Blackjack veterans.


Enjoy the thrill and the alluring mystery of the Roulette Wheel. Vegas Slot Casino offers you French and American versions of this legendary game to suit the preferences of players from both sides of the Atlantic. So place your bets now and get ready to spin!


Roll up to the famous wheel and wager in an assortment of ways – where do you think the ball will end up? Get even money odds backing red and black or set your lucky numbers loose and get paid up to 35-1.

Table Poker

Take a seat at any one of our welcoming Table Poker games – all you need is a chip and a chair to take on the house, so make yourself at home! Whether it’s three, five or seven cards dealt out before you, you’ll be chasing the same hands used in other forms of poker, ranging from a High Card to Royal Flush.


Place your bets to get the action started, with games either pitching your ante directly against the dealer’s hand or acting as a sidebet for bigger payouts. Depending on which version you select, you are dealt a three, five or seven-card hand and must decide on how to proceed. Call, Fold or Raise according to the rules and try to beat the dealer’s holding. Our variations are into double figures, so try them all to find which game will put a smile on your poker face!

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