Types of slots

There are various different types of slots and this is a guide that can help any player understand the types of online slot games available and how they work:

3 Reel Slots Machines

This is a classic slot game and is still found in the online slot machine space.  There are fewer winning combinations as there are only three reels.  It is best to bet the maximum bet on these 3 reel slot machines as there will be up to five different pay-out lines 23 of which are horizontal and two diagonal.  

2 Bonus Slot Machines

This is the same as the classic 3 Reel Slot Machine but offers added incentives.  However in order to win the jackpot or its given prizes you will have to play the maximum bet.  Extra bonus rounds, free spins, cash prizes and double winnings are often features of a bonus slot machine.

5 Reel Slot Machines

These slot machines consist of 5 rotating reels.  This game is a lot more fun due to the added features and possible winning combinations.  What s more is that they offer bigger bonuses and there is a chance of winning the jackpot.  5 Reel Slot Machines may differ from one another as there are Progressive, Bonus, and Multi Pay-Line Machines.  Most of these slot machines have wild and scatter symbols plus additional special bonus features.

Multi-Line Slots (Multiple Pay-Line)

Multi-Line Slot Machines https://www.svenskacasino.me is a progressively popular slot machine among its players and it offers multiple pay lines.  More often than not they have 3 pay lines; one pay line at the top, middle,, and bottom of the screen.  This allows players additional winning combinations that may appear at the same time.  Different features of these slot machines include firstly the number of reels, symbols, types of jackpots (progressive or not), and of course winning combinations.  Players should remember that all pay lines should be activated to increase the possibility of a win.

Multiplier Slots

These slot machines determine the payout according to the number of coins inserted.  For example, if the payout is $50 and you inserted 2 coins due to the coin amount being the multiplier you will win $100.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

These slot machines are similar to Multiplier Slot Machines but additionally, they offer an extra bonus.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are very popular among players as they offer a huge jackpot which is constantly increasing due to the linking of many slot machines.  All these linked slot 

machines contribute to the overall jackpot.  And the jackpot will increase until it has been won � which can make the jackpot massive!  Some players however believe the winning odds to be little but it sure is an exciting slot machine.  It s best to place maximum bets to increase your chances of winning the jackpot.  

There are different types of Progressive Slot Machines such as:

Proprietary Progressive Slots these slot machines are linked to one another by specific casinos or gaming company-owned casinos.  The winning amounts are set to be quite large. Stand Alone Progressive Slots these jackpots tend to be a little lower than others but there is a slight increase in the possibility to win something even though it may not be the grand jackpot.  These machines are not linked to any other. Wide Area Progressives Slots with the possibility of millions your chances of winning are slimmer.  Gaming companies usually own and operate these machines and the jackpots are progressed through thousands of different casinos.

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