By | December 31, 2018

Vegas Slot Casino invites you to take a stroll through the most exciting Video Slot machine collection to be found online. With more than 150 titles, a wide range of themes and amazing graphics, we’ll soon set you spinning in style. Pick your favored combination of Paylines, Free Spins and Bonus Rounds. Choose from themes ranging from summer sun to Christmas cheer, sporting events to world travel and famous names from Hitman to Tomb Raider. We have a game you’ll love and will want to play again and again.


Whichever Slot takes your fancy, you’ll place bets on Paylines that mark out a path across the Reels. Align a sequence of symbols across those lines to get paid; all the while aiming to collect Scatters to enter the Free Spins or Bonus Rounds. Each game has its own identity, with subtle variations in Wild symbols, Gamble options (where you can multiply your winnings) and Bonus features.

However, it’s always easy to get into the themed action by hitting Lines to increase your bet by one Payline per click and selecting the value of each credit wagered per line. Choose Bet Max to back all the possible winners at the full amount and maximize your chances of winning the biggest available prize. Once you have the bet size that is right for you, starting spinning to trigger the pulse-racing excitement!

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