What Are the Nuts in Poker

By | January 30, 2021

This question is asked by many novice players. Let’s consider it poker professionals use such a concept as the nut hand , that is, the layout that gives the player confidence at the playing field. With the nuts at the start, any player has a huge chance of winning. Why the nuts were called the nuts, the meaning of the poker term. Everywhere in the poker literature there is a meaning like nuts, but this is not an official word, but rather a colloquial word. Some symbolize this concept with nuts from the nuts, or rather a tough nut that is almost impossible to replay.

Others think the word comes from a sweet chocolate bar from online casino game. In general, both one and the other concept is partly true. But there is another theory of the origin of the poker term. Another meaning of the word nuts in poker, and that is nuts. In ancient times, online casino players could bet not only money, but also transport, for example, carts. And the players had the nuts as a deposit, which they unscrewed from their transport and put them on the playing field, confirming their bet.

Player a has a pocket consisting of two sixes (6 6), while opponent b has kings (k k). Let’s say that the turn turns up (k 6 8 8) and both players have a full house, but only player b with kings has nuts. Even so, only one case will help player a if the river hits a six and gets four of a kind. But if you have the nuts on the river, then this is a 100% win. Types of nuts in poker casino game what are the nuts the first is absolute also another one is the current one. The absolute is determined on the river, that is, when the deck is revealed.

This is 100% the best card variation possible you can collect combinations on the flop – four of a kind flush on the turn straight flush, without a lucky card for the opponent. The current nuts are also the best hand , but only at one point or another. This can be the turn or the flop. But there is a possibility that in the next scenario the opponent will get stronger cards. How is the draw in order to get the maximum benefit, it is always worth keeping in mind your opponent and position during the game.

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