Buying and Handling Casino Chips 101

Is it your first time in a casino? Do you ever feel giddy as soon as walk through those casino doors? The fact is we all get them. We all feel the rush as we see a lot of people strutting around tables, playing at different machines, and some guy walking with a handful of chips looking happy after making a big win.

We’ll help you out with one of the most basic things you ever do whenever you’re in a casino, and that is buying casino chips.

Why in the world do casinos use chips? The big reason is security and convenience. Casinos use chips so you don’t have to walk around with your wallet or checkbook open to the public. It’s a good way to avoid getting your cash or wallet stolen. But please remember that casino chips are equivalent to money. So keep a good eye on them even though casinos have security cameras everywhere. Using chips is also a pretty convenient way to place your bets on some games, like craps or roulette for instance. You don’t want paper money flying everywhere and getting mixed up with other people’s money. One safe practice is to stack your pile of chips neatly so you don’t get them mixed up with other people’s chips.

You don’t want to just throw your casino chips on a table. Remember that you need to follow the proper etiquette when inside a casino.

So when you want to get on a game, how do you buy casino chips?

  • The first step is pretty obvious, find a game you like to play and then sit down on an empty seat. You’re not allowed to drag a chair to another table. Find an empty seat and sit down.
  • For instance, you fancy a game of blackjack. You come to a table, take a seat, and the players are still playing a hand, so what do we do? Of course, we don’t “order” casino chips like we’re in a restaurant. There are matters of etiquette when inside a casino. In this situation, we wait until the players finish playing this round, then we get to buy casino chips after.
  • After the round is finished, we get to buy our chips. All you have to do is place your money on the table, which is the way to buy casino chips.
  • A little reminder for you would be to never hand your money over to the casino dealer. These casino employees, as a matter of security protocol, are not allowed to receive cash from your hand.
  • The dealer will then take your money and replace them with chips. After which, if you expect to get change then ask for it. It’s quite alright for a casino player to ask the dealer for change.
  • And that’s it, you’re now ready to play. Just remember to treat casino chips like real money, because that’s what they’re worth. Buying and handling casino chips are pretty basic in any casino.

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