Casino License

There are certain countries and territories where gambling is possible under controlled conditions. If a company wants to start an online gambling site, it needs to contact the relevant authority to obtain an online casino license.

Casino License – Gaming Regulatory Authority

Serious gambling authorities conduct a comprehensive investigation before issuing a poker, sports betting or casino license. However, there are suspicious companies that issue casino licenses without proper checks. The recognized authorities carry out the qualification of the online casino in three areas before issuing the license. They examine the conditions of the provider, the purity of the game, and the mechanism and intent of paying out winners.

Terms of the Gambling Promoter

In determining the circumstances of the promoter, the applicant must prepare a detailed report on the current and past activities of the company and employees, including financial reports and references.

Cleanliness of Casino Games

Before issuing a casino license, the examination of the purity of the game includes the objection of the random number generator and the risk analysis, and even whether the odds of the casino are advertised correctly. Licensed casinos undergo independent audits on a monthly basis.

Intention and Mechanism of Payout of Winners in Licensed Casinos

In order for the winners to receive their prizes with certainty and on time, the financial background of the online casino as well as the automaticity and transparency of the payments are also scrutinized. In addition, the gambling authority also makes sure that, in the event of a complaint, the player can contact the gambling supervision directly, bypassing the service provider’s channel.

Casino Gambling Licensing Authorities

Recognized gaming authorities include Antigua and Barbuda, Kahnawake, Curacao, and Malta

Antigua and Barbuda Gambling Authority

Antigua and Barbuda’s gambling regulatory body is the Division of Gaming, which was established with the promulgation of the Financial Services Regulation Ordinance. When it was founded in 1994, it was one of the first online gambling regulatory authorities. About 50 gambling organizations are currently under its jurisdiction.

Kahnawake Game Office

The Kahnawake Game Office was established in 1996. Its purpose is to regulate gambling in Mohawk territory. It is owned by the Canadian Kahnawake . Today, it is one of the largest gaming regulatory authorities with more than 110 licensed companies, although only a few of the largest online casino and poker service companies are based in the Mohawk area of ​​Canada.

Curacao Gaming Organization

The Curacao Gaming Authority is the supervisory authority of the Netherlands Antilles. It was founded in 2001 and is responsible for the control of approximately 30 online gambling companies.

Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority

The Lottery and Gambling Authority is the enforcement body of the Maltese gambling laws. It was established in 2001 after the signing of the Law on Lotteries and Other Games and covers all gaming activities, except traditional, live casinos.

Another note: authorities located in the European Union or North America, such as Malta, Alderney, Gibraltar, or Kahnawake, are generally much more reliable than those located in the Caribbean islands. The reason is simple. For example, the Maltese Licensing Authority is located in the territory of the European Union and therefore must comply with much stricter standards in order to be demonstrably capable of performing its duties as a European Licensing Authority. But that’s just one of those things to keep in mind. This does not mean that licensing authorities located outside the European Union are not at least as reliable.

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