Free Kids Games

Free kids games have it all a kid could want. All games in this category are 100% free, there are absolutely no hidden spyware, adware, viruses in the downloadable files. Free, clean and fun.

Free kids games we selected meet the most sophisticated taste of kids. How can we tell our games are a hit with kids? Well, it is because we gave around 2.500 free downloadable games to our most childish editor, who digs kids and loves to watch fancy cartoons. Trust us; he knows what a modern kid really wants, because he is one as well. Free kid games we present on our site are a perfect balance between games that stimulate child’s intellectual potential and games that kids simply love to play.

And for all the kids reading this, there is one message; free kids games are there for all of you who want fun, challenge and excitement without going ga-ga with some stupid games based on beating a guy till he drops dead. This category of ga-ga action games is for adults only available in the category: free action games. You will still have plenty of time to go ga-ga stupid when you grow older.

Free kids games on our site offer different types of games. You have free puzzle games, free jigsaw puzzles, free hidden object games, card, arcade and board games, mahjong, racing, shooting and sports games. All carefully picked out to meet our free kids games standards.

And for all those kids who do not seem to be able to explain their parents that there is nothing evil in playing a lot of free kids games on your PC, here are some facts that may help. Did you know that games, whatever kind of games, stimulate your brains to enhance your mathematic skills? Did you know that playing represents the foundations of human evolution? Playing free kids games forces kids to enjoy while learning crucial social patterns as: communicating with peers, socializing online, learning to solve problems fast, learn to find solutions within limited period of time, develop their sense of competitiveness and so much more. To make it short, playing free kids games prepares you for life. You want it or not. And it does not matter if playing a race game, a minesweeper, tetris or solitaire.

If you ask us, what were our priorities in picking up the best free kids games we would tell you:

  1. Fun – If kids don’t love it, no use to have it
  2. Skills – any of free kids games we present must stimulate a kid to think. We do not support stupidity.
  3. Each game in our collection of free kids games must be safe in terms of 100% clean of any malware.

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