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To be a winning poker player you have to learn and understand how to play poker! Different versions of the poker game are known, with different rules and strategies. In addition, the bidding structures are also different (such as limit, and no-limit) and there are different forms of poker games such as normal cash games and play money games. Poker is the most frequently played and most popular casino game.

Poker Games

Contrary to what televised images may suggest, there are many different types of poker games with different rules and different winning strategies.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em (usually just Hold’em) is the most popular poker game. You can play in limit (fixed betting limit), pot limit (when the limit is determined by the size of the pot), and no limit (there is no upper limit for bets) versions. Each betting structure has a different strategy. Texas Hold’em is a board game where each player is dealt two of their own cards and five community cards are dealt. The player who stays in play until the end of the round and has the best cards (combining own cards and community cards) to make the best poker hand using five cards wins.

Omaha Hold’em Poker Game

Omaha Hold’em – a card game similar to Texas Hold’em. Omaha Poker players are dealt four of their own cards and deal five community cards. Regular Shirt Eight-or-Better, High Low (the prize is split between the highest and lowest hands), but also played as High (when the strongest hand wins). In addition, Omaha Poker also exists in Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit versions (No Limit is rarely played)

Stud Poker Game Version

There are several versions of Stud Poker. The most popular version is the Seven-Card Stud Poker, which you can also find in casinos, while the seven-card high-low is mainly spread in tournaments. Although Stud is very popular in many versions (Baseball, Anaconda, Chicago) in the casino world, it has lost a lot of its popularity compared to other card games.

Five Card Draw (Swap) Poker Game

The foundation of all poker games, Five Card Draw Poker, is a game known to millions of people. Due to the particularly high level of basic skills (bad players have almost no chance of winning), Draw has almost completely disappeared from the offer of casinos. Jacks or Better – where the player must have at least one pair of Jacks or better – is the most common version of the game.

Razz, the Lowball Version of Seven Card Stub Poker

Razz is the Lowball version of Seven Card Stub Poker (Lowball = where the worst hand wins). Razz poker, played at a full table, is not very popular unless played in a tournament or shorthand situation (6 players or less), where the limit and high ante encourage players to take action (see also HORSE section).

Badugi Poker Game

Badugi is a four-card lowball / triple draw version (triple draw: there are 3 options for exchange and bidding), the goal of which is for the player to have four cards of different colors and values ​​at the end. The best hand is A234 in different colors. If no player has a four-card Badugi at the time of the show, then the lowest three-card Badugi wins the pot.

Mixed Poker Games

The high-stakes versions of HORSE (Hold’em-Omaha-Razz-Eight or Better), HOE (Hold’em-Omaha-Eight or Better) and OE (Omaha High Low, Stud High Low) are common in the casino offer. Mixed poker games are also good for “keeping away” the players who specialize in certain games.

Order of Poker Hands

At home, the poker game can be played with any rules, but the poker rules and order of poker in casinos are the same. We classify the cards based on their value. The highest value card is the Ace, followed by the King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine and so on up to the Two.

The order of poker hands is as follows:

Color line

Straight Flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit. (The suit can be diamonds, clubs, spades and clubs). The highest value color line is Royal Flöss. Royal Flush consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten cards of the same suit.


Poker. Four cards of the same value, such as four Kings


Full House. Three cards of the same value and a pair. For example KKK33 (King, King, King, Triple, Triple)


Five cards of the same suit. For example, meeting Ace, Queen, Nine, Seven and Three.


Five consecutive cards of different suits. For example 98765


Three cards of the same value as 888

Two pairs

Two cards of the same value and two other cards of the same value. For example Checkers, Checkers, Tens, Tens

A pair

Two cards of the same value

High card

High Card, High Card (less than a pair)

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