The Story Behind Roulette

Many people probably know that the game Roulette comes from France, as the name suggests. But without a man named Blaise Pascal, the game Roulette would not have seen the light of day. Pascal was a mathematician, and a well-known one, even today Pascal is seen as one of the most famous names in mathematics. He probably had no idea at the time that his studies would lead to one of the world’s most popular casino games, which came about by chance.

Pascal’s Failure

In 1655, Pascal attempted something that no one had succeeded in, namely building a fully functioning perpetual motion machine. Since you probably haven’t heard of Pascal, you might understand that he failed in his attempts. But, to the delight of many of us, the roulette wheel saw the light of day. It was sort of meant for gaming, but the big question was how to play and of course, if there was any money to be made from the game. Not an easy nut to crack when you only have one wheel!

Zero Makes Entrance

Not until 1842 was a solution found. It was then that brothers Francois and Louis Blanc figured out that if they added the 0 fields to the roulette wheel, without changing the payouts, the house would gain a winning advantage without the players noticing. The real roulette wheel was born.

Different Variants of Roulette

The Yankees have always been good at finding new ways to make money, and when real roulette came to the United States, they added a double zero, 00, to the wheel, in order to increase the house’s advantage. Therein lies the difference between European or French Roulette and American Roulette

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